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Friday, August 15, 2008

Hanging In There

Well, this is the third day after chemo. This is also the day they say is sometimes worse. I am hanging in there hoping that today and tomorrow won't be all that bad and that next week I will be slowly bouncing back......just in time for another treatment! I wanted to share something with all of you so you can add another young girl to your prayers. I went with my mom last night to her breast cancer support group meeting. It took all I had to make it there, but God clearly showed me His purpose when a newly diagnosed 27 year old walked into the meeting. She had actually just been diagnosed on Monday. I don't know to much about her diagnosis, but I know that she could use a lot of prayer. She is from Korea and does not have any family here in the United States. She is living with her boyfriend who is actually suffering from cancer himself. She has yet to find the right words so that she can tell her family back home. I only had a few minutes to talk with her, but in those few minutes, she was such a blessing to me. Please pray that God would take her hand, just as He did mine, and guide her through every step of this journey. She needs Him and all prayer warriors.

God blessed our family once again this morning when I received an email from a wonderful friend. She had volunteered to send us some gas cards to help cover the expense of our travels. Thank you God for allowing this incredible person to be a blessing in the life of my family. God is so good and is doing so many great things. Praise you Lord!

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