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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today I got some of the best news. Both lymph nodes tested negative for cancer!!! God is so good and just as I was faithful, so were all of you who prayed on my behalf. He heard all of us and our prayers were answered! Since neither of the nodes tested positive, this means that the cancer is strictly confined to the tumor and has not spread! Yea!!! Thank you Dr. Cavagnol for calling me personally to tell me the good news! You made my day! Even though the nodes tested negative, I am still going to receive the same amount of treatment. Ryan and I went to Chemo School today. We were given some very valuable information. My first chemo treatment will be on Monday, June 30Th at 9:30. This is the day after Charley's second birthday. I never would have thought that I would be faced with cancer just two years after her birth. I did ask today about the possibility of having children after chemo. That doesn't look to promising at this point, but I know if God intends for me to have more children, then I will.

Before my chemo class today, Ryan and I visited LA Wigs. We both laughed as we walked in. That was one place that we had never been together. I tried on a couple of wigs. Wigs are weird. Some of them looked better than others, but they all looked liked a wig. I think I am going to be more of a scarf kind of girl. Easy for me to say now. We'll see.

OK, since your prayers are so powerful, I am requesting that you now pray for a smooth chemo treatment next week. I kind of know what to expect, but that first treatment is going to be a scary one. Please pray for little to no nausea those first few days. If I can make it through the first four days, I should be OK. Also, please pray that the genetic test would come back negative. This particular prayer is more for Charley than for myself. I would hate to think that I might have passed this gene down to her. God is so good and I have every reason to believe that He will continue to answer all of my prayers, no matter how big! Thank you all!


feolafitness said...

Praise the Lord! He is faithful to answer when His children call out to Him. I missed you two at the prayer service tonight, but I prayed for you both, that God would continue to strengthen you. Remember, the JOY of the Lord is your strength!

H P Austin said...

I still have goose bumps from your good news. God is good and He is healing you every second. I know that you are going to soar through Chemo & surgery and come out of this a better person. Praise the Lord.

Love HIL

Anonymous said...

Girl, I know you can rock a scarf or a wig! You'll look beautiful either way. I'm so happy to hear some good news today and I'll be thinking about you and praying for you while I'm gone. You're so strong:)

Anne said...

THANK GOD! I am so happy right now I could do cartwheels (dont know how to do a cartwheel, but I would do a cartFLOP) right here in front of my summer school class! That is so awesome. I know the past few days have been overwhelming for you, but as always, your faith in God is sailing you through. I am so proud of your attitude. I wish I could be there with you and to help out Hilary (Rock on Hilary!) with the Meals for Mel campaign. If you need anything, I am just a phone call or email away in Cape GirMOOMOO!



P.S. Found some scarves with bling on it. What do you think??

Haley said...

When I read that I was seriously about to cry. I would be glad to help with Charley during chemo or anything.

(P.S.I know you would look great wig or scarf.)

Amy said...

Hey Melody,
I am sure you already know this information, but I'll pass it along to you anyways. If you contact the American Cancer Society on S. Campbell, they have what they call cancer survival kits. It has a little of everything in it that you would need during treatment. I found out about it at one of my Relay for Life meetings, which by then it was to late for my stepdad to use any of the items. They can also help you with the wigs. They are fantastic people. My friend, Kendra Gray works there. She helps to coordinate all of the local relays. Give them a call!!!
Love you,
Amy Lewellen

P.S. We are so happy to hear your wonderful news!!! Happy Birthday to Charley!!! Give her a big hug for us.