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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Pictures Are Ready!

The pictures we had taken last week are ready to be viewed! If you live in Springfield and ever need pictures taken, I would highly recommend using Jessica Oatman. To access our pictures, go to the link below. Then click on clients and enter charley as the password. All of the pictures are in both color and black & white. They will play automatically. Enjoy!


H P Austin said...

The pictures are AWESOME. Jessica did such a wonderful job. I love how they show how much fun you guys have together as a family. I also love how the picture conveys what a wonderful personality Miss Charley has. Buy them all. Love HIL

Anne said...

Those are the best pictures I have ever seen. That chic has a gift! I want some! Charley did so great, Owen will surely want a pic of his gurkle girl! I agree, BUY THEM ALL! You look so beautiful in them too, and I must say Ryan is quite the handsome man these days.

Love, Anne