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Friday, July 16, 2010

Today I Celebrate Being a Survivor for Two Years!

Two years ago today I had a bilateral mastectomy.  It was a bitter sweet day.  Walking into the hospital at 5:30 in the morning I knew I was going in with my breasts and I would leave without them.  However, I also knew that I was walking in with cancer and would walk out cancer free.  Having the bilateral mastectomy was just the beginning of the journey.  Months of chemotherapy and reconstruction would follow.  Now, two years later, I do not look like a woman who has had breast cancer.  July 16th will always be a milestone in my life....another year of being cancer free.  Praise the Lord! 

Here are some pics that were taken the morning of my mastectomy and during my time in the hospital.

Before Surgery.....

Right after surgery.  Charley brought me one of her stuffed animals from home.

Relaxing....or trying to relax!

Charley, Me, and Ryan

Two years later!!!!!


Andi said...

Praise the Lord. So glad you are cancer free. Cant believe its been 2 years already. Ryan's comments on facebook have been so sweet the past 2 days. God is Good!!!

SimplySher said...

Wow your story is such an inspiration. I started a blog of my own just for fun and I was just browsing through different blogs and I came across yours.

Your header said a 30-year-old mother, wife and daughter. I can relate coz I'm almost 30, a mother and daughter...but the big difference between us is that you had breast cancer:(

You said you had to be strong coz your husband needed a wife and your daughter needed a mother…wow! Only a woman with a great faith in God can say that! I love my family so much and I feel so blessed everyday for having my husband and daughter. You made me realize more how blessed I am and how blessed I am that I’m healthy.

It was such an eye opener after reading blogs of women our age talking only about fashion what next Manolo Blahniks shoes or LV bag to buy or complain about not having enough ME time. Etc etc. Ok what woman wouldn’t want a LV bag☺ but I guess you know what I mean.

I will continue to enjoy my simple life with my family while I can!

Thank you for inspiring me with your faith and strength!

God bless to you and your beautiful family!