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Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Scooter Babe

This blog is for my friend Mary in New York. Most of you reading this know that Mary and I became friends because she came across my blog and decided to email me. Our breast cancer journeys parallel one another. We were both diagnosed at around the same time, both had bilateral mastectomies, and are now both undergoing the same chemo regimen on the same day of each month. We are also both scheduled for reconstruction in December. Mary has been such a blessing to my life. I always look forward to her emails and she is always offering me words of encouragement. A couple of weeks ago Mary was kind enough to send me two bandannas from Orange County Choppers in NY. In case your not familiar, Orange County is where the American Choppers show on TLC takes place. Since Ryan builds custom motorcycle seats, this was an extra special treat for us because that is one of our favorite shows. If only those guys needed a motorcycle seat from Anvil Customs! I wanted to show Mary my appreciation by sporting the bandanna on my blog. Since Ryan doesn't own a motorcycle, I had to model on the next best thing......his scooter. Thanks Mary!


H P Austin said...

Mel...Love the bandanna. But this post is mainly a shout out to Mary! Mary you are in my prayers daily right along with Mel. I thank God daily that Mel & you found each other. It is so good for her to have someone going through the same exact treatments, surgeries, emotions, feelings, and changes. You guys are so good for each other. Best of luck. You are in my prayers.
Love HIl

Anne said...

I am totally diggin that bandanna! Have I ever told you about my 7th grade English teacher who always rolled up a bandana and wore it around her neck as an accessory EVERYDAY! I couldn't stand her. We made fun of her. Anyway, I think you sport the bandannas quite well. I'm a little jealous, if only I could get away with looking that good without hair. Since it is harvest time, you need a John Deere bandana and need to take a picture on a big JD tractor!!