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Saturday, September 6, 2008

One Amazing Night

Last night I went with my best friend Hilary to a Women's Rally at my church. First just let me say that I LOVE MY CHURCH! I thank God for bringing me and my family to James River. Ryan and I began attending James River a little over three years ago. We have continued to find ourselves blessed time and time again. It feels so wonderful to walk into our church and feel an incredible amount of warmth and love. We have met a lot of wonderful people, including several who have had a huge influence and impact on my life throughout this journey. I truly love these people and thank God for bringing them into my life.

Last night at the rally, I was overwhelmed by the presence of God. There was a calling for women to be prayed over who were having trouble conceiving, women who currently had cancer, and for women who had survived cancer. I was touched by the number of women laying their hands on me and praying for strength and continued healing. As I have seen throughout this journey, the power of prayer is incredible. Time and time again I hear stories of miraculous healing and this continues to encourage me and remind me of how big God is.

I continue to get daily emails from people I don't know and from people that I do know telling me what an inspiration I am to them. I love knowing that God is doing a great work in my life and therefore will do a great work in the life of someone else.

This blog was created to document a part of my life that will soon be over with. When you hear you have cancer, the world stops. You quit doing things that you once enjoyed. Everything moves in slow motion. Making decisions don't come easy. Before I was diagnosed, I took a lot of things for granted. The things that were important to me, where things that did not matter. Things such as keeping my house in tip-top shape. Making sure there was not one dirty piece of laundry in my laundry basket....ever. Complaining about the things that I didn't have. God really taught me a lesson in that area. I love knowing that I am inspiring others. However, I am a work in progress. God continues to work in my life. I am learning everyday how to submit myself to Him and allow Him to take on all my worries, all my doubts, and all my fears. This doesn't always come easy for someone who loves to be in control. I am not any different from those of you reading this blog. When I was diagnosed I just made the choice to live my life differently. I knew I couldn't battle cancer alone and I knew the only person that could battle it and win was God Himself. It was at that point that I quit trying to control every aspect of my life and those around me. I do relapse every so often, but then somehow I am reminded that I don't want to live my life as I did before my diagnosis. If you will allow Him, God will make a profound mark in your life just as He did mine. You don't have to wait for a life-threatening diagnosis to change the way you live. I pray that each of you reading this continues to be inspired by just a regular girl who is not perfect, but who has chosen to allow God to do great works in her life. You too can be that person. God is so great and He wants to use you to further His kingdom. All you have to do is allow Him.


H P Austin said...

Last night was pretty awesome. So much for not crying right? It was so awesome to be surrounded by such amazing Christians and the presence of God. Thanks for the dinner date and wonderful evening at JRA.
Love you HIL

beccaw said...

I love you Melody!! You are an amazing woman. You are such a blessing to so many people, you are doing a wonderful job of letting God use you to reach others. Keep up the good work!