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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chemo Treatment # 2

I was so happy to see that Ryan had actually accessed the blog and did a post on my behalf. What a sweet guy to update everyone on my latest treatment. Yesterday went really well. At 9:30 I met with a dietitian who offered some much needed advice regarding my diet and nutrition during chemo. However, when I met with Dr. Eillis's nurse later that morning, she stressed not worrying to much about what I am eating during chemo as long as I am just eating something. She went on to say that after chemotherapy is complete that Dr. Ellis will begin setting me up on a diet and nutrition plan that will help benefit avoiding any possible chance of recurrence in the future. So, for now, I eat what I want to eat, when I want to eat and then after chemo complete it is on to better eating habits.

My blood counts looked great yesterday. I can thank the $3500 Neulasta shot that I take the day after chemo. Don't worry, I don't have to pay that much for it. I have little to no nausea today, but day 3 and 4 are always worst. I think the Neulasta shot has something to do with that. I know it makes my bones ache for several days which is miserable.

I met a man at chemo yesterday who was given a grave diagnosis last March after hearing that he had been diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. He lives in Illinois and his doctor had basically told him to begin making "arrangements." However, his doctor also said that he was going to go ahead and refer him to The Siteman Cancer Center because they had been known to perform miracles. After chemo, radiation, and surgery, he is now considered cancer free. He, like me, is now undergoing chemotherapy to just ensure that any microscopic cells that might be wanting to set up house somewhere are destroyed. Another miracle at Siteman. God is at work in the lives of the doctors, physicians, and nurses and they want nothing more than for you to believe that you can be healed. I know that a positive attitude has a lot to do with recovery and I can see a direct correlation between the patients and those that you come in contact with at Siteman.

Yesterday also marked the day that my hair officially began to fall clumps. This was very annoying. After washing, drying, and fixing my hair, I had some VERY THIN spots where it was apparent that there was no hair left there. So, last night, Ryan shaved my head. Don't worry, I know everyone is curious to know and see how that went I did take pictures to document the experience. However, you'll have to wait until this evening for that posting, but I can guarantee you it will be worth it.

At first I was a little concerned about posting pictures of my bald head out there for all to see, but then again, that is what this blog is all about. It is a journey of my experience of having HAD breast cancer and now undergoing chemotherapy. I had made the decision that when my hair began to fall out, I would now allow that to happen. cancer took my breast but in turn I took the cancer. The chemo is a result of the cancer so allowing it to take my hair would be giving in. Not a chance. The hair is gone on my behalf...or Ryan's and I couldn't be more happier...just a little bit colder! Ha!

Thank you God for the little to no side effects. Give me strength and a positive attitude over the coming days. Thank you Lord for giving me such a supportive and loving husband who has looked so far beyond my physical body. I love you Lord and pray that you continue to work miracles in my life and that in turn, others lives would be encouraged and strengthened.


Anne said...

Hair or no hair, I LOVE YOU!!


gizmo_9212 said...

All I have to say is I saw a sneak peek of the "New Mel" and she is more beautiful than ever. She has a sense of confidence that I have never seen before.

She smiles because she knows she is Cancer-free, she smiles because she is a Cancer Survivor, she smiles because she has an amazing oncologist, surgeon, plastic surgeon and medical team that gave her her life back, she smiles because she is standing beside an amazing husband, amazing parents & inlaws, and a beautiful daughter, and she smiles because Jesus loves her and died for her.

Mel you look beautiful hair or no hair. We love you HIL & Kev

H P Austin said...

Sorry about the gizmo 9212. I wrote the comment when I was at work. I did not realize one of Kevin's girls was logged in. So the previous comment was from me. Love HIL