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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2 down...2 to go....kinda

Woo-hoo! Wasson here.....I just got a call from Mel and she is finished with CHEMO NUMERO DOS!! Only 2 more treatments of A & C and then its onto T!!

I must say, ever since Mel and her mom left yesterday morning, I was called about every hour from Melody wondering how things were going with Charley and just to let me know she was eating or sitting or whatever she was doing at that particular moment. The COOL THING is.....she always sounded completely UPBEAT....completely POSITIVE.....completely COOL, calm, and collected. I don't know how she does it folks! Actually, I do know God is sooooo good to us. We are blessed to be blessed by God and I see it everyday in Melody.

So, Melody is currently at Applebee's outside their hotel awaiting her scrumptious little snack and then they'll hit the road (trust me, Pat's driving....they're HITTIN' the road!) and will be home in no time at all.

God is good.


H P Austin said...


I think your blog was sweet. You are doing an amazing job being a husband and a care giver. God loves you both and is praising you. Love HIL

The Womacks said...

You know, Mel seems stronger now than she has ever seemed before. You don't have to tell me that God is in control here. It's clear as day when we see how amazing your family is doing! Mel is awesome; and Ill say it again...such an inspiration for SO MANY REASONS!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing you are. Mel is very lucky to have someone so supportive behind her. You are a true reflection of what God means by becoming one.
I will be praying for you over the next few days for a quicker recovery than last time. I can only imagine how draining it is on you physically and emotionally.

Jason and I love you guys and are keeping you on the top of our prayer lists!