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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bigger & Bigger & Bigger

In case your wondering, everything is going great. There hasn't been a lot to report during the past couple of days. However, today I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon, Dr. Geter, and now I have some things to report. First of all, I DID NOT get my drains out today. They are still draining more fluid than what they need to be in order to be removed. I am now holding out for Friday. Hopefully, they will be removed then. Dr. Geter made the comment that he would hate to remove them just to have to put them back in if necessary. I agreed with that, so the drains stayed in place and will hopefully be out on Friday. I think having the drains removed would bring a lot of relief so please pray that this would be possible. In addition to having my drains checked, I had my first expansion today. That has got to be the strangest procedure I have ever had done..........besides having my breast removed! I went into Dr. Geter's office today with very small breast, probably an A cup, and walked out a B cup. Literally, a 5 minute transformation. Ryan was standing there with his mouth hanging open as he watched my breasts grow right in front of his eyes.

Now, for those of you wondering, the actual procedure was not that uncomfortable. However, now that it has been about 5 hours, I am beginning to feel the pain of it all. Dr. Geter assured me that I would only have some discomfort for about 24 hours. I am holding him to his word. In addition to hopefully having my drains taken out on Friday, I will be expanded again. The idea is to expand me to a size that I am comfortable with. Once the right size is achieved, I will be expanded just a little more. At the rate I am going....or growing....I predict it will take only a few more expansions before I am happy with my size. The worse part about the entire process is that the expanders are rock hard. There is no give, whatsoever. So, until I have my final implants, I will have to get used to having what feels like cannonballs for breasts. I guess that's better than nothing!

Praise God for doctors like Dr. Geter who are able to put a person back together again. Dr. Geter has helped me feel better about myself and my future. Reconstruction is truly a journey within itself!

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Anne said...

OMG, that is the funniest thing I have ever heard! One of my friends and I pick on each other because she has HUGE boobs. I call her Jupiter boobs, she calls me Venus boobs (because of the smallness ya know). You are now known as Cannonball Boob. You may be able to use them as a weapon. I am glad things are going well, although it sucks about the drains. Hopefully tomorrow! Call me and let me know how things are going. I havent called because I dont want to bug you. LOVE YOU!