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Friday, June 20, 2008

Finding The Right Genes

I can't believe it has been one whole day since I have posted anything! Ha! Yesterday afternoon our power was knocked out due to a mother storm and I wasn't able to access the internet all day! Going without the internet has got to be similar to going without food and water. OK, maybe not that bad, but Ryan and I both go into panic mode when we can't access the internet. I know, we're pathetic. Anyway, yesterday Ryan and I met with a genetic counselor. She went over a lot of information in regards to the breast cancer gene. There are a lot of stats involved, but basically, if I have the gene, I am also at risk for developing ovarian cancer in addition to the breast cancer. It was important for me to have the gene test done so they will know what to do with my ovaries. If I test positive, they will check my ovaries to make sure there is nothing going on with them currently. If they are OK, I can keep them for maybe another 10 years or so and then I would need to have them removed. If I don't have the gene, they won't even mess with any testing right now. That is our prayer. The good thing is that ovarian cancer does not run in my family so I feel that threat is much less. If for some reason there is something wrong with my ovaries, they will have to be removed immediately. So, for $3150 I had some blood drawn and will know if I carry this gene in about two weeks. Don't worry, my insurance is paying for the test. Thank goodness.

I woke up today discouraged because it was pouring down rain. Ryan, Charley, and I had our family pictures scheduled for today. This was so important to me because I wanted to have pictures taken before starting chemo. As it was lightning and thundering, I began asking God to please clear the skies just long enough for us to have pictures. We were supposed to meet Jessica, our photographer, at 9:30. By 9:00,the rain had stopped and the sun was shining. God is so good. Jessica was awesome to work with. I plan on sharing some of the pictures with you as soon as they are processed and ready to go. Her work is incredible. If you need a good photographer I would recommend her. Her website is Even if you don't need a photographer, I would suggest taking a look at her web site. She has a 2 year old son currently undergoing treatment at St. Jude's for leukemia. She is also expecting a baby girl in about a week. Her awesome attitude and kind spirit really encouraged me. She worked around my hectic schedule and I look forward to working with her in the future. Thanks Jessica!

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Anne said...

Ok. That is a a little ridiculous for a blood test. Someone is making WAYYY to much money somewhere! Anyway, Im glad the pictures went well, they are really good!!
Love and prayers!