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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boy Are We Busy

I am worn out. I can't believe that it is already Wednesday. Where has this week gone? On top of all my appointments, I am taking Charley to the doctor this afternoon. She has a funky rash, a fever, and refuses to leave my side. I'm telling you, when it rains, it pours. This morning I had an appointment with my OB. She did her little exam, and hopefully all will turn out OK. She also did a breast exam. This would the third day in a row that someone other than myself has felt my breast. This is becoming such a common "event" during my appointments. Go in, undress from the waist up, lay back, arms above head, touchy-feely time, get dressed. I have a dentist appointment next Monday and I am hoping I don't forget where I am. I would hate for him to come in and find me sitting there with my top off and wearing only the X-Ray protector. You might be laughing, but with all the appointments and running from here to there, I feel like I am losing my mind. Someone might want to remind me that I am going to the DENTIST on Monday.

I briefly discussed with the OB fertility issues. She told me that during Chemo I would most likely be infertile. Her hope is that 3 to 6 months after Chemo my body would be back to normal (except for my chest) and that having additional children would be possible. Ryan and I aren't considering more children at this point, but it was nice to hear that it could still be possible if we so choose.


feolafitness said...

You crack me up! You have definitely been given a gift of writing. And, like I told you this morning, I'm getting addicted to your blog!

I was so proud of you today in the fitness class. There you are, running and working out to keep your body healthy and in shape when most people would be sitting at home in front of the TV feeling sorry for themselves. What an inspiration YOU are to us. I pray that God will continue to pour out His grace and joy into your life. You certainly bless everyone around you!

H P Austin said...

Okay I think I just peed my pants. That one was hilarious. I will call and remind you of your dental appointment on Monday :*) Although if you did go topless I bet you would not have to pay for your "cleaning"? It might be worth it.

You are doing great. Take a nap and call me later. Love you HIL

Anne said...

\You are not right! I hate going to the dentist, but that would be something to see. I just want you to know that today I ran my very first non stop mile in preparation for my 5K that I am running in your honor. You would be so proud of me! I thought I was going to barf on the treadmill when I was done, but the HOTTIE next to me wouldn't have appreciated that so much... I'm thinking and praying for you non stop. I'm so proud of you!!

Kiersten said...

A big hug and shoutout from your official fan club in Minneapolis. Mom called me at work just now with your blog address so I could see how you were doing. And of course I'm not surprised to hear you are doing awesome. Don't know if you remember or not but we had a Bon Voyage to Barb's Boobs party before her surgery. I'm thinking a similar party needs to be in the works for you. Know that Troy and I are thinking about you guys and sending lots of prayers to you, Ryan and Charley.

Fawn said...

How about a Bon voyage to Mel's Mellons party? Eh?