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Friday, June 13, 2008

Doctors, Doctors, & more Doctors

Ryan and I went to the doctor yesterday to just get some general information. He couldn't tell us much because he does not have all the tests back, but he gave me a run down of pretty much how things will go from here. Next week I will meet with a surgeon who will discuss with me my different options. I will either have further testing done to determine whether the cancer has spread to any of my lymph nodes, or I will have the surgery first and at that time they will remove some lymph nodes and test them. From that point I will begin seeing an oncologist who will begin my treatment. I was able to get a copy of my pathology report yesterday and my diagnosis is "invasive poorly differentiated ductal carcinoma." This means that the cancer is not contained within the milk duct and has invaded some of the breast tissue. How much, we don't know. It was also labeled as Grade 3 of 3 which means that I have the most aggressive kind there is. I know, it just keeps getting worse. However, the word aggressive just means that it is a fast growing cancer and normally all breast cancer in a woman my age is aggressive because of hormones. The good thing is that I caught it early. The size of the tumor is only about 1/2 inch. At this time, after discussing it with the surgeon, Ryan and I are hoping for a mastectomy on my right breast and prophylactic surgery on my left, meaning they would also remove my left breast even though it does not show signs of cancer at this time. This procedure would be followed by reconstruction, probably a separate surgery, and then some kind of chemo therapy. With women my age, they treat the cancer very aggressively. So, basically I am in for a long haul the next several months.

Update: I just spoke with a nurse from my doctor's office and I will be seeing a surgeon next Tuesday morning and the oncologist that afternoon. We will know so much more after meeting with them both. Our thinking is that if I do end up having surgery it would be the last week in June.

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