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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


14 weeks......I can't believe it has already been 14 weeks of CHEMO treatments. We are very excited to get home (we're currently in our room at Siteman Cancer Center getting treated) and see Charley, but equally excited that there is only ONE MORE TREATMENT! One last treatment. That sounds great.

Appointment with Dr. Ellis went very well this morning. Melody's bloodwork came back perfect, all normal. We will not be taking the Neulasta Shot tomorrow since we ended up in the emergency room a couple of weeks ago with Neulasta Fever. Darn it....I was getting kinda used to giving Mel a shot in the arm....kinda liked it too.

Another hour here and we'll head for the car and hit the road home. Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue to pray for healing for Melody, overall health for our family, and for our business as we look forward to getting back to a normal routine this season.

And certainly don't forget to pray for our nation, and our president.

Love you, God bless you,

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H P Austin said...

WHOO HOOO! I can't believe it only ONE more chemo treatment. I am so proud of both of you. Mel for doing all the hard, chemo, hair loss, aches, pains, etc. Wasson for keeping the Wasson's going, taking care of Charley, the business, and everything else. You guys make a great team. God bless you both. I AM SO EXCITED only 2 weeks until you are DONE! YEAH. Love HIl