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Monday, August 4, 2008

Calling On All Prayer Warriors

Prayer warriors, I need your help. There are several important things I need you all to pray for this week. I know it's easier for me if I see a specific list of things I need to pray for, so I will number them off at the end of this posting. This past weekend was great. On Saturday my mom and I put in an 11 hour shopping day. Yes....11 hours......with Charley. We had a such a great time and Charley was an angel. She loves to shop with her mom and Nana! Since I will more than likely, okay, very likely, be losing my hair in a couple of weeks, my mom and I began the search for hats, caps, and scarves, oh my. We were able to find some very cute hats and I am now fully prepared to lose to my hair. Well, I am at least prepared to cover my shiny head, maybe not lose my hair.

This morning I go back to the plastic surgeon for another expansion. I was really hoping to have my drains taken out before we head up to St. Louis tomorrow, but I don't think that is going to happen. Who knows though, maybe I'll go in this morning and for some unforeseen reason, they will decide to take them out. That would be fabulous.

Ok, here are the things that I really need you all to pray for:

1. That my drains would be taken out sometime this week. I really need chemo to start as scheduled.

2. For safe travels as Ryan, Charley, myself, and my parents travel to St. Louis tomorrow.

3. That Dr. Ellis would be receptive to our needs and concerns. That he would either provide reassurance when it comes to my chemo treatment plan or give us a better option that is cutting edge when it comes to breast cancer.

4. For me, that I would begin taking better care of my body through diet and exercise.

5. Finally, that God would continue to use me as a tool throughout this journey.

Thank you all for your prayers. I find such comfort knowing that you are all praying on my behalf. God Bless!

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