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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Final Countdown

Well, it's Tuesday. This time tomorrow morning I will be checked into the hospital awaiting my bilateral mastectomy. I can't believe it. It really is bittersweet. Today, I have my breast. Today, I have cancer. Tomorrow, I am CANCER FREE. Tomorrow, I don't have breast.....or at least my own. I am anxious. I am so ready to get this entire procedure put behind me so that I can move on with my life. I know requesting this is not necessary, but please pray for me and my family tomorrow and in the coming days. I am more worried about Ryan and Charley than myself. I can't imagine what it will be like for him to sit out in the waiting room for hours while I am in surgery. Please ask that God would bring peace to my family as they wait and wonder how things are going. For me, I would ask that you pray for the surgeons. Please pray that God would guide their hands and that there would be no complications. Finally, please pray for Charley. I know she will be in good hands and for those helping to watch her in the coming days, please make sure you give her lots and lots of lovin' from her mommy. I have instructed Ryan to bring the laptop to the hospital and am hopeful that I will be able to give you all an update tomorrow afternoon or evening. Your prayers have been incredible through this entire process. Please continue to pray. I know that it is not always the most convenient. I'll even admit that sometimes my mind is thinking more of the day ahead than of the prayer I should be saying with ALL my heart. I just want you all to know that when you are praying, I know it. I can feel peace in my heart and there is no fear. God hears your prayers.

Yesterday, Ryan and I celebrated the life of his grandpa, Kenneth Wagner. He passed away last Thursday at the age of 91. Ryan was actually named Kenneth Ryan Wasson and is so proud to carry on his grandpa's name. It was a beautiful ceremony and celebration of life. As I passed by the casket at the funeral, I was reminded that our bodies are just a shell that protects the spirit within us. I felt such peace knowing that his grandpa was dancing in heaven and that his spirit would live on forever. We must remember, that what makes us who we are is not what we can physically see on the outside. Who we truly are is displayed by the actions we show and the words we speak.

On one final note, I did get the results from the ultrasound of my ovaries. My right ovary showed a very small cyst. However, after speaking with my OBGYN, she said it is so small, that it is nothing to even be concerned about. They are going to do another ultrasound in eight weeks and re-evaluate the situation. Hopefully, the cyst will be gone and I won't have to worry about that part of my body.

Thanks again for all the prayers. I have a lot to be thankful for. Tomorrow will be a day of celebration and rejoicing as I am healed from cancer.


Anonymous said...

I will be thinking of you and praying for you all day tomorrow. I'm so excited that you will be cancer-free!!! You're such a fighter:)

Mary Stephenson said...

God Bless you, your hubby, and your sweet little girl. We pray for you everyday. You are an inspiration!

H P Austin said...

Geez, Mel. You got me on that one. I cried reading the entire blog. I can't tell you how nervous and relieved I will be when tomorrow is over. To know that you are going to be CANCER-FREE is awesome and it is what is pulling me through. You have got our prayers and support. We're praying for you. Lots of Love, HIL

Anne said...

Hey chick. You are in our thoughts and prayers. You can bet we will be checking in. I am so proud of you and know you are in the best of hands with awesome doctors and nurses guided by God. Charley and Ryan will be great, they are too ornery not to be. hee hee. We love you!


Holly said...

We will be lifting you and your family up in prayer. We pray for peace and comfort and a successful surgery.
Love, Todd & Holly