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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Doing What's Right For Me (continued)

For those of you checking the blog, you might want to read the post from earlier today if you haven't already done so. This morning I got a call from the oncology nurse and I am scheduled to have PET scan tomorrow morning at 8:15. Thank you God for providing this before my surgery. A PET scan is a full-body scan that uses very high imaging to detect cancer anywhere in the body, with the exception of the bones. A PET scan is one of those things that is comforting, yet scary at the same time. I am truly faithful that I don't have cancer anywhere else in my body. However, knowing I will be having a scan to check for this is nerve-racking. For now, it just gives me one more thing to worry about. However, I would much rather know what I am up against if there is more cancer somewhere else. Not knowing is much more nerve-racking. If the scan is clear, I will know for sure that I am making the right decision to have surgery first. If the scan shows anything unordinary, I will be able to have a chemo treatment at the end of the week. Having a PET scan will undoubtedly be a great way of gauging whether or not I am making the right decisions. I should have the results back from the scan on Thursday afternoon.

I also met with Dr. Cavagnol this afternoon and I am scheduled to have a bilateral mastectomy next Friday, July 11Th. Bring it on. I am so ready to have this cancer removed from my body. I am confident in Dr. Cavagnol and know that he will do a great job. The crazy thing is that I will only be in the hospital for one day! From what I understand the actual procedure is not horribly painful, which is good.

I am in need of a very specific prayer over the next couple of days. Please pray that the PET scan would be all clear. This is a HUGE thing and I desperately need to know that my cancer is ONLY in my breast. Thank you!

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Julie said...

My husband works in Nuclear Medicine and administers PET scans and other tests - if you ever have any questions feel free to ask. You can find my email on facebook or ask Hillary. We are praying for you today as you receive your results.