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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bye Bye Boobies

This past Tuesday, Hilary threw me a special party. It was a going away party for my boobies. When I first got my diagnosis, several people told me that before they had their mastectomy, they had a "going away" party. I loved the idea! Throughout this entire process I have really tried to remain positive and keep my humor up and running. I could not think of a better way to celebrate and honor my boobies than with a going away party. Hilary organized the entire event and it was so much fun. We met at Big Whiskey's downtown where we had our own private room upstairs complete with arcade games and a pool table. It was so great having all my friends come and support me. We were able to laugh, visit, and most importantly celebrate life and all that God has done for me so far. Of course, I had some boobie awareness stickers that I passed out to everyone. Hilary's sister, Rachel, was nice enough to go the breast cancer Foundation of the Ozarks and get a bunch of pink bracelets, ink pens, and other free hand-me outs. By the end of the party I even had our waiter wearing a "Feel Your Boobies" sticker and bracelet.

As we were leaving the restaurant that evening, Tom, our waiter, approached us and told us how his aunt and grandma had been diagnosed with cancer recently. He told us that this party had given him a more positive outlook on cancer and that he would be praying for me. Wow! How incredible! Another life touched by the grace of God.

Thanks Hilary for throwing an incredible party and thanks to everyone who was able to make it! Bye Bye Boobies!

Bye Bye Boobies

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Stacey said...

Hi's Stacey (the cake lady!). I've been keeping up with your blog and saying lots of prayers for you. Good luck with your surgery next week. But darn it, girl, I make some FABULOUS boobie cupcakes...I missed my chance! :)

termite said...

what a great idea! i googles bye bye boobie party, cause i just was re-diagnosed and am going out with a bang, this time. can you give me some party ideas? games? what did the cake look like? how about those cupcakes? how were they to be decorated? good to meetcha, terri in michigan age 46